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The Data Center Site Selection Experts

DCI is passion for data center site selection comes from knowing how important the site selection is for a data center. While commercial real estate brokers bring a certain level of experience, it is usually very surface level and general information. Our 250-point checklist to ensure proper site selection for your data center or critical facility gets into the weeds. Knowing your data centers’ specifications, e.g. needing redundancy, custom power requirements, etc., our 360-degree, comprehensive approach, ensures we select a site that has everything your data center needs to operate successfully. Our 250 point site selection checklist is just the beginning of the process and is just a fraction of what we offer when it comes to site selection.

DCI offers comprehensive and custom data center solutions. We are laser focused on our collaborative success between our client and our firm. Partnering with DCI means a commitment to a professional, healthy operating environment. We have a thorough approach that handles each detail of the data center deployment process with excellence. Backed by over 40 years of expert leadership experience, DCi Data Center Infrastructures is always a client advocate first – that is our number one priority. Together we invest with you to forge a robust, collaborative team.

Our Number One Priority

Data Center Owners Advocate

DCI is the owner’s advocate. We are the owner’s representative and act as an extension of the owner’s team. As an owners rep, we collaborate with the owner to navigate through the data center infrastructure management and implement change management for anything that surfaces. DCI offers the following services as a data centers owner’s advocate: 

Identify owners project requirements

Data center site selection

Data center entitlement process

Program development

Quality management

Risk management

Cost controls

On Budget & On Schedule

Data Center Program Development

DCI offers a comprehensive data center development approach from concept to commissioning. DCI offers the following data center program development services:

Strategic planning

Conceptual Design Coordination

Site Pre-construction due diligence

Basis of Design – Design Criteria

Determine resource and system

Financial analysis

Feasibility Studies

Assess local authority requirements

Recommend project delivery method

Analyzing the Markets

Networking Events

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Facility Deployment

We manage the critical facility deployment process from concept through final commissioning. Our team is experienced and adaptive to change. As a part of DCI’s comprehensive data center planning and deployment approach, we offer:

Project Planning and coordination

Pre-construction budget and permitting

Contractor selection

MEPF Coordination

IT Infrastructure design and implementation

Security System design and implementation


Commissioning management

Every Detail, Perfect

Data Center Construction

DCI manages every aspect of your data center program, construction, and commissioning. DCI will handle:

Program management

Construction management

Project management

Contractor selection

Change management

Site superintendent


Staff augmentation

Project Collaboration between all parties

Guarantee Ongoing Reliability

3rd Party Reliability Verification

It is important to have confirmation from an outside source that your data center is as robust as it is supposed to be. It is imperative to ensure that your data center has the same cost checks, reliability, and ongoing functionality that it did on day one and as it was designed to have. DCi brings the same set of rigorous services, checks, and balances to your data center to guarantee ongoing reliability. We make sure that your facility is operating as it should be and can apply our rigorous process quarterly or annually. We do not just build it and let it go, we are here to make sure your data center runs as it was designed.

Verification of cost

Verification of reliability

Found where over-usage has occurred, or consolidate where appropriate

Ongoing cost and reliability check

Proving robustness

Confirming good maintenance procedures have been done

Check maintenance procedures and confirm them

IR scan all RPP circuits, make sure there isn’t heat building up

3rd Party Reliability Verification
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The services we provide are at various phases of the data center program development and construction process. There are many different types of data center projects, all with very comprehensive specifications, from adding more backup power to an operating data center, to building a brand new 100MW data center, and everything in between. Kindly contact us today to discuss your specific data center project.

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