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About DCI

Generations of Data Center Experience

DCI works with different data center trades, general contractors, architectural, and engineering firms to design and build some of the best data center environments in the world. We have worked with some companies who are remarkable at their specific part of the project, but who had no idea what was going in the structure they were building. The team at DCI truly understand the purpose for which we are building the foundation. We understand what goes up the data center IT stack, and what architecture, facilities, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing are required to perfectly meet the requirements of the information technology that will reside and operate in the data center facility.

DCI knows each individual aspect of the data center rollout from conceptualization to commissioning, and you can rest assured that your data center project will be on-schedule. The service we provide is to deliver comprehensively on every aspect of your data center program rollout by bringing our many layers of experience and understanding to your project. Our team understands how to build your program schedule, how to sequence the project so it is done at the comprehensiveness it needs to be done, not to compromising on time, and keeping your project due date. Speed-to-market is always top of mind for DCI; we move fast and complete the detail work with excellence.


People who know how to sequence the entire data center rollout process and schedule are few and far between. Our major goal is to stay on your schedule, addressing each individual detail with excellence, while meeting your data center operational launch date.

When clients see the processes and due diligence we perform, they are amazed. We understand where the costs are and are always lowering them and increasing the services our clients receive. We have the experience and relationships to obtain the best prices from manufacturers and subcontractors and to know what systems work best together. Our thirty plus years of experience in the trenches allows us to bring to the table a remarkable level of detail where we get deep into the weeds to deliver the right system, at the right time, for the right cost.

The IT world is very comprehensive and ever evolving. DCI’s mandatory education program of seminars, classroom courses, and conferences keeps our team’s fingers on the pulse of data center industry changes and technological improvements. Our team hold all required certifications and are involved in data center industry associations and peer-to-peer mastermind programs to ensure we have the latest information to improve our next design-build data center project and lead the future of the data center industry. Many of our competitors have young teams with 1/100th of the experience we do. Our team comes from decades in the data center construction world and simply blow these guys away. Our competition simply doesn’t have the experience to get into the level of depth that we do. Our team have been called thought leaders of the data center industry.


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